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Travel Reimbursement

If you want to get reimbursed for travel, follow these guidelines.

1. Preauthorize Your Trip

You need to get an event number at least one week before you leave so that:

  1. You get your money back more quickly.
  2. If you are in an accident, UCSD can insure you.

To get an event number, provide the following to a CSE financial or faculty assistant:

  1. Dates you are travelling on.
  2. Your destination.
  3. Purpose of your trip.
  4. Estimated trip budget.
  5. Funding source (ask your advisor or PI).

Financial and faculty assistants are included in the list at:

If this is your first time getting reimbursed, also provide your mailing address and social security number. Faculty travelling for 7 or more days must see Katheryn Ritten and complete an Academic Leave of Absence form.

2. Determine Travel Arrangements

2.1 Air Travel

You can arrange your own flight for travel using whatever service you prefer. Keep all receipts from the purchase to submit for reimbursement after your trip. Do not book flight and hotel from the same service. If you cannot get itemized receipts for the individual purchases (flight and air fare), then you will likely not be reimbursed. Avoid this by booking flight and hotel seperately.

You can also book flights through a travel agency affiliated with UCSD and charge directly to an index number – so you don’t have to pay a dime! Affiliated travel agencies:

Balboa Travel

Business As Usual Travel



If you are flying internationally, you must use a US carrier. See:,1162,1369,00.html

2.2 Rental Car

Rentals should be arranged through a company with whom UC has an agreement. For rental car agencies with UC agreements and step-by-step car rental instructions, visit:,1162,3453,00.html

UCSD maintains agreements with these companies that include a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) at no additional cost. So when making a reservation decline any CDW or SLI coverage.

2.3 Personal Car

You should only use a personal car if you are certain that air travel will be more expensive. If you use your personal car for official UCSD business, you will be reimbursed at the current rate of 58.5 cents per mile (effective July 1, 2008). Keep track of your mileage and keep your gas receipts.

3. Determine Room and Board

3.1 Lodging

Keep your lodging receipts to submit when you return. There is no maximum for lodging when the travel is 29 days or fewer within the continental U.S. However, reimbursement is limited to the single room rate that is reasonable for the location and nature of the travel event. We will reimburse the single room rate, energy surcharges, and applicable taxes for each night of lodging.

3.2 Meals

For each meal you purchase, be sure to obtain an individual, itemized receipt. To be clear: the receipts you collect and submit should be for your meals only and those receipts should list each item you purchased as part of your meal. Do not pay for anyone else’s meal. Alcohol will never be reimbursed by state or federal funds.

For travel 29 days or fewer you may be reimbursed for up to $64 per day for meals. Expenses beyond this will not be reimbursed. If food is provided at your conference, the maximum day’s reimbursement will be lower.

3.3 Per Diem for Foreign Travel

Per Diem is a daily amount to cover expenses for both meals and lodging for UCSD employees when traveling overseas on official UCSD business. You have the option of either submitting actual receipts or requesting a per diem. Please contact a CSE financial assistant for the per diem rate.

If appropriate, show the actual foreign currency conversion for that day. The CSE department will use the foreign currency conversion rate of the first day of your trip unless you notify us otherwise. Please note that reimbursement can take significantly longer for international travel.

Conversion rates:

4. Reimbursement

Submit the following original receipts within one week of returning:

  1. Airfare (also include an itinerary)
  2. Rental Car (also include an itinerary)
  3. Personal Car Mileage (also include an itinerary)
  4. Hotel
  5. Meals (individual itemized receipts)
  6. Registration Fees
  7. Other (taxi, parking, internet, shuttle, fax, etc.)

Use direct deposit to get you disbursement. Set up instructions:,1260,4103,00.html If a receipt does not state the form of payment, provide a credit card statement as a supporting document. Be smart; any expenses deemed excessive by the Travel Office may be rejected.

5. More information

Full official information available at:

For more information contact a CSE financial or faculty assistant. List available at: