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Google Apps Transition

The department is transitioning to a google-apps for consolidation/budgeting purposes. This is a list of issues and concerns that have been discussed or may need to be addressed. This list has been initially populated by discussions on the misc email list.

Maintaining @cs identity

See CS Email Setup for information on sending email from your @cs account, rather than @eng (we are scientists, not engineers).

Room Reservations

Room reservations are working via the google calendar.

What about my cute name aliases

If you have something cool like jimbo@cs aliased, to your jmeischersmidtchdh0722@cs to make it smaller, we don't know what will happen.

What happens when I graduate

"for transition purposes for graduate students in Engineering, we actually will keep the account active for a year post-graduation or set up a forwarding mechanism if requested." (forwarding for a year?)

Why does google automatically store my messages in Sent and re-write them as coming from @eng?

Because their motto is "Do no evil"?

Who is going to host my artistically designed professional website?


How do we authenticate to cse run systems?

I bet someone is going to have to keep maintaining them.