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CS Email Setup

Setup to Send from @CS

Departmental identity is important. Using email addresses enables intra-dept mailing lists where people are comfortable writing freely. It also also enables us to make CS-only resources available online more easily.

Unfortunately, with the new mail system it can be a bit tricky to set up your client to send from

If you're trying to subscribe to misc, you simply need to email "" from your @cs address.

CSEHelp also maintains info on setting up clients.

Here's how to set things up for various email clients:


Some possibly relevant GMail documentation

Under the "Accounts" tab of "Settings": "Your Name" <>

You want to change that so that it says: "Your Name" <> Reply-to address:

You will also want to add your cs account by clicking on "Add another email address you own"

  • Enter and click on "Next Step".

  • Ensure you are "Send through ... SMTP servers".
  • SMTP server: Port 465
  • Username: myself (Note: This is your campus username i.e. <myself> which *may* be different from your CSE or ENG username)

  • Password: <set it>

  • Secured connection using SSL
  • After clicking "Save Changes" your accounts tab should show:

"Your Name" <> Reply-to address:

"Your Name" <> Mail is sent through: Secured connection on port 465 using SSL


Apple Mail

In Apple Mail 5 (OSX Lion), I setup my account normally, but then go to Mail -> Preferences, the Accounts tab, select my UCSD account and make sure that in the "Email address" field it rather than . User name stays untouched


Gmail App will work via the web configured outgoing smtp server.

K-9 Mail: Menu Button > More > Settings > Account Settings > Sending Mail > Outgoing Server.  (Use setting from above).

MS Outlook