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XBox and Kinect

Just outside the grad lounge, hooked up to the TVs in the 3rd floor lobby, is an Xbox and Kinect system.  This was a generous donation from Microsoft to our Women in Computing group.  Feel free to stop by and play with it -- no controller needed!  If the system appears to be in an unusable state (for example, a menu is open that requires a controller) simply power cycle the Xbox using the big round silver button.
Requested Games or Game Upgrades:
Occasionally we find ourselves with a bit of extra funding we can spend on new games for the system.  Put your requests here, and they may show up on the Xbox in the future!
Requesting Controllers and/or Specific Disks:
If you're planning a game night or would like to check out some controllers or disc, please contact  Here is our library of resources:
  • 1 controller
  • Kinect Adventures
  • Kinect Sports (version 1)
  • Dance Central (version 1)
Scheduling an Event Using the System
If you would like to plan an event using the Xbox and Kinect system, awesome!  There are a few things to keep in mind.  First, the system is basically "glued down" so you'll need to plan the event in the 3rd floor lobby.  Be respectful of people who may be trying to work in offices nearby by planning your event in the evening or on the weekend, and don't blast the sound too loudly :-)  Also, you may check to see if the system is available, and reserve it by using the Google Apps calendaring system. Sign in with your @eng address, and when creating your event click on the "rooms" link at the right of the details page.  If "CSE Kinect" shows up in the list of conference rooms, that means it's available -- click on it to book it for the time period of your event.