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Chez Bob

Chez Bob is our local food coop and is in the Lounge. We offer a huge assortment of junk food, with a few healthy items thrown in to confuse you, at prices better than other campus co-ops, and often better than the local supermarkets. The grad students who run Chez Bob (CSE Volunteers) purchase food in bulk (primarily from Costco) and the co-op is therefore able to sell items for quite cheap. Any proceeds are used for departmental parties, and other things like buying a new microwave when it died.

People place money in the Bank Of Bob and use it to manage their account and record their purchases. Chez Bob is wonderfully convenient, so please make sure to record purchases and keep your account in the black so this service can keep running. Those who don't may very well become immortalized on the Wall of Shame.

E-mail with suggestions for Chez Bob.
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