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Hosting a Social Hour

Step 1: Volunteer

  1. Send email to one of the Social Hour Czars or to cse-gsa@eng to schedule a day. Or edit this page.
  2. Think of a theme or use one of the ideas from this page.

Step 2: Purchase

  1. Use the $XXX food budget to buy snacks and items related to your theme. John and Dimo will cover beer.
    1. This year we are trying Von's delivery service!  Be sure to place your order in plenty of time to schedule a delivery.
    2. Make sure to get enough food for everyone in the department to have something.
      1. There are several vegetarians / vegans in the department. Make sure there is something fun for them too.
    3. Purchase the required cups/plates/forks/spoons/chopsticks/... (Emergency extras are in Chez Bob)
    4. If you need to go over budget, talk to the czars.  With proper justification, there are typically resources available.
  2. Keep all of your receipts! The department needs receipts to reimburse you.
    1. You cannot get reimbursed for alcohol.

Step 3: Advertise

  1. On the morning of your Social Hour, send an email to csepeople.
  2. To generate extra excitement or have people come prepared feel free to email earlier in the week!

Step 4: Social Hour

  1. Set up the tables and anything else needed on the 4th floor. Enlist friends and social hour Czars to help. If you need another room like 1202, please let cse-gsa know at least 2 weeks in advance.
  2. Set up your event and place food by 4:00 pm.
  3. Take attendance: Bring a computer for everyone to sign in on.
  4. After the event, cleanup. Essentially just undo the setup.
  5. Optional:  Take lots of pictures of everyone there.  Send a tarball of the pictures to Social Hour Czars.
Step 5: Reimbursement
  1. Put your receipts in an envelope.
  2. Put "Social Hour Reimbursement DATE" on the envelope where DATE is the date is the date of the Social Hour you hosted.
  3. Put your name on the envelope.
  4. Place the envelope in Jane Storck's mailbox (in the faculty/staff mailroom).  Include a printout of the social hour attendees or email it to Jane.

HOWTO: Setup Social Hour

The Czars will take the lead on setup, but if you can help out, that would be great.

  1. Move couches and coffee table to edges of room.
  2. Move 3 or more tables from the reading room out into the open area.
  3. The Czars will have the other beverages in a cooler. Make sure the money box is out.