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Coffee Volunteer

We recently bought a huge coffee urn!  The full instructions on how to use this machine are located: here.

Step 1: Volunteer

  1. Send email to one of the Social Hour Czars or to cse-gsa@eng to schedule a day. Or edit this page.

Step 2: Setup

  1. Around 2 pm start making the coffee.  It takes about 1 minute per cup of coffee.  So plan ahead! (Full instructions here)
  2. Get the coffee urn from XXX.
  3. Place on a chair with wheels.
  4. Fill urn with water and coffee:
    1. Remove the basket and stem and fill the urn with cold water to the desired level (suggested: XXX).
    2. Insert the basket and stem.
    3. Measure coffee and place in basket (see below for proportions, and err on the side of strong coffee instead of weak coffee).
    4. Lock cover in place.
  5. Bring coffee urn up to 4th floor and place on table next to outlet.
  6. Turn ON the coffee pot.
  7. Coffee urn stops perking automatically, and will keep coffee warm.
  8. Using a potholder, remove basket and stem.  Dump grounds in trash.  This prevents the coffee from tasting bitter.
  9. Make sure pot is turned OFF when less than 3 cups remain, or you can no longer see coffee in view tube.

 Water level Cups ground coffee
 100 6.25
 80 5
 60 4
 40 2.5

Step 3: Clean up

  1. Allow coffee urn to cool.
  2. Empty grounds.
  3. Wash basket, stem and cover in warm soapy water.
  4. Clean inside of coffee make by filling with warm water to 1/3 capacity.  Add dish soap.
  5. Scour the heating unit.  The heating unit must stay clean for coffee maker to work properly. 
  6. Dry.
  7. Put coffee urn back in XXX.