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Social Hour

Social Hour is Fridays at 4:00 pm on 4th Floor

Social Hour is an opportunity to meet and engage with others in the department while enjoying snacks and participating in activities.

Social Hours are an exercise in interacting with others and also running events. If you would like to host one, please email to get in touch with the current Social Hour Czars or find them here.

Current Social Hour Schedule

HOWTO: Run Social Hour

New Ideas for Social Hour

  • Building the tallest card castle
    • This is based on the success of the jigsaw puzzle social hour. 
    • Find a natural division of teams such as Emacs vs. Vi, Faculty vs. Students, etc.
  • Building a boat that floats using a certain number of popsicle sticks
    • Prizes for the best one
  • Similar ideas with clay and pipe-cleaners
  • Exhibit Social Hour
    • Some people have expressed interest in bringing their pottery, paintings, and other things they've built.
  • Movie Social Hour:
    • Pick a movie to play in 1202. Ideas: Tron, War Games, Sneakers, Hackers, The Net, The Triumph of the Nerds, Pi, Pirates of the Silicon Valley, Takedown, Antitrust, Revolution OS, Swordfish, Primer, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Matrix, Monty Python, Terminator
    • Get food related to the movie
  • Painting Social Hour
    • Get a few canvases and have people paint in groups
  • Lock picking social hour

Ideas from the past Social Hours

  • Halloween Social Hour
    • Hosted by Roshni Malani et al., and then: Nima, Karyn, Valentin, Neha
    • need extra money for pumpkins to buy pumpkins (normally GSA money needs to be spent around then)
    • send messages to misc to figure out how many pumpkins to buy
  • Fancy Friday Social Hour
    • Hosted by Kai Wang, Boris Bebenko and the Vision Lab
    • An occasion for CSE folks to suit up, and enjoy wine and cheese.
    • Pictures
  • Trivia Contest Social Hour
    • Hosted by Roshni Malani, and then by Pat Rondon and then Grad WiC
    • Pitched faculty and students against each other for answering trivia questions about the people in the department
  • Talent Show Social Hour
    • Hosted by Roshni Malani
  • The Towers of Hanoi Social Hour
  • Olympics Social Hour
  • Jigsaw puzzle Social hour
    • Hosted by Neha Chachra
    • Pitched a team Vi against team Emacs in finishing a jigsaw puzzle of the world map
  • Cookies and Milk Social Hour
    • Hosted by Ross Tate
  • Board Games Social Hour
    • Hosted by Roshni Malani et al., and then Sheeraz.
    • Pictures
  • Video Games Social Hour
    • Hosted by Matus Telgarsky
  • Big/Small World Social Hour
  • Indian/Persian Social Hour
  • Piñata Social Hour
    • Hosted by Jen Chiang et al.
  • Ice Cream Social Hour
  • Ice Cream Float Social Hour
  • Superbowl Social Hour
  • (Everyone's) Birthday Social Hour
  • Chinese New Year Social Hour
  • Fondue Social Hour
  • Bake-off Social Hour
  • Croissant Social Hour
  • Sandwich Social Hour
  • Make your Advisor a Valentine Social Hour
  • Cinco De Mayo Social Hour
    • Borrow blenders from students
    • Charge $1 or $2 for a margarita with alcohol
  • Saturday Morning Cartoon Social Hour
    • Milk and Cereal
    • Was able to get help from Sunsern Cheamanunkul with 4th floor displays
  • Photo for your academic website Social Hour
    • Hosted by Keaton and Sarah
  • 4 Square Social Hour
    • Alex Bakst's idea
    • used Hovav's chalk to make 4 square court
    • square themed snacks: cheez-its, triscuits, cheese, square shaped cookies
  • Princess Party Social Hour
    • Everything pink and a tiara making contest (using construction paper and pipe-cleaners)
  • Secret Santa Social Hour
    • Hosted by Vicky, Karyn
    • collect names of interested people and assign them randomly to each other
    • max $10-$15 gift
  • Fitness/Smoothie social hour
  • BBQ Social hour
    • Hosted by Brown, Louis, Ian, Ed
  • Girl scout cookie social hour
    • many faculty/staff (Gary, Kirill) have daughters in girl scouts, coordinate with them
  • Naked Social Hour
    • Hosted by Anwaya et al.
    • buy "naked" brand drinks

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