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Half-Baked Half Hour

Half-Baked Half Hour (HBHH) is a gathering of grad students who want to share their half-baked research ideas and insights. This is a great opportunity for students to share their more ambitious or off-the-wall ideas in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Each week we have a 1-2 people lined up to give 5 to 20-minute presentations on their half-baked ideas. Overall, HBHH is semi-serious fun, and people end up learning something in the process.

Location and Time

  • Every Wednesday starting at 2:30 pm in Room 2217 during the Summer.

Participation (highly encouraged!)

We encourage presenters to make their talks accessible to a broad CS grad student audience. We also encourage the audience to heckle the presenters (or at least provide insightful feedback). Unlike last year, we are opening the floor to projects that people already have in progress. Snacks will be provided thanks to generous support from GSA. Please contact Chris < > if you are interested in presenting a 5 to 20-minute presentation.