Your lab may or may not have its own printer. There are several laser printers around the department for use. Some are restricted, some are public. To make sure you know what's up, do man printers or visit Common Printers to get the most current listing.

There are a couple of programs which print reduced size and can get several pages of output onto a single page; do man mpage and man enscript for more info.

To add one of the common area printers printer to your machine, do the following:


Install it as a local printer, as a new TCP/IP port, with the Printer Name where the X's are the printer's name (ex 5402-b1).


The department page is currently out of date. The available machines are:

Black and white:

  • p4205-b1
  • p3205-b1
  • p2205-b1
  • p2107-b1
  • p3107-b1
  • p4107-b1


  • p2236-c1
  • p2107-c1
  • p3107-c1
  • p4107-c1