Graduate Computing Facilities

A computer account should have been set up for you. Please contact CseHelp if you have problems accessing your account.

Practically all students will receive acess to a computer by way of their advisor. If you do not have access to a computer in your lab or simply wish to work somewhere different, the ApeLab lab is available to all graduate students. The machines tend to be a bit slow, but they are a good resource and will generally have all software you may need for any CSE classes preinstalled (e.g. Matlab).

Lab Manners

The atmosphere in the labs can be quite casual and noisy, which is O.K. as long as nobody is disturbed. Remember that nobody will clean up after you.

The department has been hit by several thefts of equipment in the past, among others a Mac with some research work on it and the boards for a laser printer have been stolen. Keep doors locked when no one is in the room, and challenge anyone who doesn't look like they belong. All UCSD maintenance staff should be wearing badges. Call the police (911) from any phone if you detect trouble. Notify csehelp if you report (or suspect) any thefts.

The electronic mail alias for general questions is csehelp. All problems like the following should be reported as soon as you discover them: broken keyboards, monitors, disk drives, cabling jobs, operating systems, programming languages, software packages, quota increases, new accounts, printers needing paper, printers needing toner, archiving files to tape

General CSE printer access information

See Printing.