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CSE-GSA Positions

Positions In the CSE Department

CSE-GSA Coordinators

The two individuals holding CSEGSA Coordinator positions serve as liaisons between the faculty/staff and other graduate students, and oversee the operations of the CSEGSA. When graduate student input or assistance is needed on a matter, the Coordinators are often asked by the faculty or staff of the CSE department to find student volunteers. In addition, students may bring their concerns to the Coordinators, so that they can be addressed by appropriate faculty and staff members together with the CSEGSA. Additional tasks include holding organizational meetings to recruit volunteers, maintaining the CSEGSA web page, and handling just about anything else that comes up. Perks of this job include getting to know many people in the department, and learning how things really work around here. There are two coordinators, traditionally a senior coordinator and a junior coordinator. The current coordinators can be reached at: coordinators at cs ucsd edu .

  • 2012-13 : Neha Chachra [nchachra], Arjun Roy [arroy]
  • 2011-12: Neha Chachra [nchachra], Abhishek Kumar [abhishek], Apurva Kumar, Sat Garcia [sat] (senior)
  • 2010-11 : Sat Garcia [sat] (senior)
  • 2009-10 : Scott Yilek [syilek], Sat Garcia [sat]
  • 2008-09 : Scott Yilek [syilek], Sat Garcia [sat]
  • 2007-08 : Sat Garcia [sat], Scott Yilek [syilek], (Alvin AuYoung [alvina], Barath Raghavan [barath] (senior))
  • 2006-07 : Barath Raghavan [barath], Alvin AuYoung [alvina]
  • 2005-06 : Alvin AuYoung [alvina], Barath Raghavan [barath]
  • 2004-05 : Barath Raghavan [barath], Alvin AuYoung [alvina]
  • 2003-04 : Alvin AuYoung [alvina], Barath Raghavan [barath]
  • 2002-03 : Doug Brown, Joe Drish
  • 2001-02 : Joe Drish, Renata Teixeira
  • 2000-01 : Renata Teixeira, Sara Miner

Masters Students Representative

The MS representative will act as a liaison between the students in the MS program and the CSE-GSA. They will be in charge of bringing up any issues that are specific to masters students such as lounge improvements, the process to switch to the Ph.D. program, etc.

  • Current (2011-12) : Abhishek Kumar [abhishek]
  • 2010-11 : Bridgette Wiley [bawiley]
  • 2009-10 : UNFILLED
  • 2008-09 : Aram Shahinfard

GradCom Representative

The GradCom representative acts as a liaison between faculty and the students and holds the fairly important responsibility of keeping an eye on the faculty and making sure that they act in the best interest of the students. The faculty are typically very good about keeping the interests of students in mind so the two major job responsibilities are to go to faculty meetings and Graduate Committee meetings as the student observer / representative. It is a great way to meet the faculty and be involved in the real workings of the department (oh if you only knew), but requires someone that can deal with faculty as well as someone that will honor the privacy of their peers that happen to be discussed in GradCom.

  • 2012-13 : Nima Nikzad [nnikzad]
  • 2011-12: Nima Nikzad [nnikzad]
  • 2010-11 : Zach Tatlock [ztatlock]
  • 2009-10 : Zach Tatlock [ztatlock]
  • 2008-09 : Garo Bournoutian [garo]
  • 2007-08 : Garo Bournoutian [garo]
  • 2006-07 : Ayse Kivilcim Coskun [acoskun]
  • 2005-06 : Justin Burke [burke], Michael McCracken [mike]
  • 2004-05 : Justin Burke [burke]
  • 2003-04 : Jeff Brown [jbrown]
  • 2002-03 : Jeff Brown
  • 2001-02 : Jeff Brown, Tim Sherwood
  • 2000-01 : Tim Sherwood

Job Seminar Coordinator

The goal of the job seminar coordinator organizes seminars, presentations, panels, and informal get togethers with faculty and grad students, covering a broad range of topics related to job search and interviewing. Particular events include 'Getting a job', 'How to have a good career', and a seminar for graduating students (brief talks on all research areas in CSE).

  • Current (2011-12) : 1 UNFILLED
  • 2010-11 : UNFILLED
  • 2009-10 : Justin Ma [jtma]
  • 2008-09 : Unfilled
  • 2007-08 : Tom Ristenpart [tristenp]
  • 2006-07 : Tom Ristenpart [tristenp]
  • 2004-05 : Sagnik Nandy [snandy]
  • 2003-04 : Dmitrii Zagorodnov [dzagorod]
  • 2002-03 : Michelle Strout

Virtual Community Representative

Many of the events that happen in the department require website support in the form of a wiki, forum, etc. The role of the virtual community representative will be to maintain these support tools and to champion their usage. Currently, the major tasks include maintaining the CSE-GSA wiki and the CSE-GSA community portal.

  • Current (2011-12) : 1 UNFILLED
  • 2010-11 : Zach Tatlock [ztatlock]
  • 2009-10 : Zach Tatlock [ztatlock]
  • 2008-09 : Zach Tatlock [ztatlock], Sat Garcia [sat]
  • 2007-08 : Unfilled
  • 2006-07 : Eric Weigle [eweigle] 
  • 2005-06 : Eric Weigle [eweigle]
  • 2004-05 : Eric Weigle [eweigle], Saurabh Panjwani [spanjwan] 
  • 2003-04 : Dana Dahlstrom [dana]
  • 2002-03 : Dana Dahlstrom
  • 2001-02 : Dana Dahlstroms
  • 2000-01 : Dmitrii Zagarodnov

Positions for the Socially Inclined

Prospective Student Visit Day Coordinator

The department holds an annual visit day for prospective students in early March. In recent years, the department has significantly increased the effort put into the visit day. As the coordinator, you will have two main roles. First, you will be working with faculty and staff in finalizing the visit day schedule. Second, you will be in charge of getting other grad students to volunteer for the event. On the order of 10-15 grad students are traditionally involved in the planning. It will be your responsibility to coordinate the activities of these volunteers.

  • 2012-13: Matt Der [mfder]
  • 2011-12: Nima Nikzad [nnikzad]
  • 2010-11 : Nima Nikzad [nnikzad]
  • 2009-10 : Ross Tate [rtate]
  • 2008-09 : Ross Tate [rtate]
  • 2007-08 : Ross Tate [rtate]
  • 2006-07 : Tingfan Wu [t3wu], Sat Garcia [sat]
  • 2005-06 : Sat Garcia [sat] 
  • 2004-05 : YuChung Cheng [ycheng]
  • 2003-04 : YuChung Cheng [ycheng]
  • 2002-03 : Poorna Udupi, Amit Behere
  • 2001-02 : Bianca Zadrozny
  • 2000-01 : Mike Copenhafer

Social Hour Coordinators

The coordinators (ideally, 2) ensure that weekly Social hour actually happens. This, however, does not mean doing all the work. The coordinators should ensure that each week a different lab is hosting the event and that they know the steps involved to make the event a success.

At the end of the year, the coordinators should organize the survey to find the best social hour for that year. The winning organizers will be given a small award that is to be presented at the CSE End-of-Year BBQ.

  • 2012-13 : Dimitar Buonov [dbuonov], Karyn Benson [kbenson]
  • 2011-12:  Nima Nikzad [nnikzad], Dimitar Buonov [dbuonov]
  • 2010-11: Matt Der [mfder], Gjergji Zyba [gzyba], TBA
  • 2009-10: Jeff Meister [jmeister], Alden King [apking]
  • 2008-09 : Zach Tatlock [ztatlock], PL peeps
  • 2007-08 : Natalie Castellana [ncastell] 
  • 2006-07 : Pat Rondon [prondon], Barath Raghavan [barath] 
  • 2005-06 : William Beaver [wbeaver], Daniel Tracy [dtracy]
  • 2004-05 : Will Chang [wychang]
  • 2003-04 : Wen Yen Jen [wjen], Mei-Fang Huang [mhuang], Chien-Yi Hou [cyhou]
  • 2002-03 : Leeann Bent
  • 2001-02 : Amit Behere, Renata Teixeira
  • 2000-01 : Student Affairs Office

Social Committee Representatives

The students that serve on the social committee are in charge of the various social events that occur throughout the year. The events that need to be managed are:

    • CSE Beginning of the year Potluck
    • CSE Winter Party
    • CSE End-of-Year BBQ

Those serving on the social committee will need to get work with CSE faculty/staff in planning these events as well as gathering grad students to volunteer. Ideally, there will be 3 members on this committee, each taking charge of one of the events.

  • Current (2011-12) : Matt Der [mfder], Apurva Kumar [apk005], Dimitar Buonov [dbuonov]
  • 2011-12: Matt Der [mfder], Neha Chachra [nchachra], Nima Nikzad [nnikzad]
  • 2010-11 : Trevor Bunker [tbunker], Matt Der [mfder], TBA
  • 2009-10 : Nathan Goulding [ngouldin], Laura Grupp [lgrupp], John McCullough [jmccullo]
  • 2008-09 : Nathan Goulding [ngouldin], Laura Grupp [lgrupp], Ross Tate [rtate]
  • 2007-08 : Yuvraj Agarwal [yuvraj] 
  • 2006-07 : Sat Garcia [sat] 
  • 2005-06 : Anthony Choi [buchoi], Allen Chu [awchu]
  • 2004-05 : Allen Chu [allenchu] 
  • 2003-04 : Rakesh Kumar [rakumar], Tulika Agrawal [tagrawal]
  • 2002-03 : Erez Perelman, Rakesh Kumar
  • 2001-02 : Doug Brown, Tim Sherwood

Positions that Interact with Other Departments

UCSD Graduate Student Association Representatives

Due to the number of students enrolled in the CSE grad program, we have the right to have four representatives in the council of the GSA (Graduate Students Association). Representatives are the interface between the CSE students and the GSA. GSA reps have the opportunity to express the opinion of their constituents and their own in several issues, such as housing and fee increases. Discussions on topics of interest happen either in council meetings or university committees. The GSA council meets every two weeks and is desirable that at least one rep show up, so that we can be up-to-date with the latest campus developments. University committees are created whenever the presence of students is necessary to work along with campus administration. Examples of committees created in the past are Parking/Transportation Issues and International Housing Planning. The GSA is also a source of funding for several events in the department. Funding requests are presented in finance meetings by a rep and the rep has to be able to explain the nature of the event. Finance meetings also happen every two weeks. For more info, check the GSA web page.

  • 2014-15: Natalie Larson [nllarson], Gautam Akiwate [gakiwate], Gina Tuazon [gtuazon], Kashyap Tumkur [ktumkur]; Alternate: Dorothy Yen [doyen] 
  • 2013-14: Natalie Larson [nllarson], Gautam Akiwate [gakiwate]
  • 2012-13: Roshni Chandrashekhar [rchandra], Rakesh Varna [rvarna]
  • 2011-12 : Nima Nikzad [nnikzad], Rakesh Varna [rvarna], Roshni Chandrashekhar [rchandra], Hung Viet [h6tran]
  • 2010-11 : Siddhartha Nath [sinath], Neha Chachra [nchachra], Aishwarya Venkataraman [avenkata], HungViet Tran [h6tran], Garo Bournoutian (Alternate) [garo]
  • 2009-10 : Michael Vrable [mvrable], Natalie Castellana [ncastell], Catherine Wah [cwah], Vikram Subramanya [v1subramanya], Garo Bournoutian (Alternate) [garo]
  • 2008-09 : Nathan Bales [nbales], Michael Vrable [mvrable], Bridget Benson [bbenson], 1 UNFILLED
  • 2007-08 : Matt Tong [mhton], Justin Burke [burke], Nathan Bales [nbales], Elizabeth Bales [earrowsm]
  • 2006-07 : Justin Burke [burke], Matt Tong [mhtong], Neel Joshi [njoshi], Dana Dahlstrom [dana], Garo Bournoutian [gbournou]
  • 2005-06 : Garo Bournoutian [gbournou], Dana Dahlstrom [dana], Neel Joshi [njoshi], and Matt Tong [mhtong] 
  • 2004-05 : Dana Dahlstrom [dana], Matt Tong [mhtong], Kirill Levchenko [klevchen], and Neel Joshi [njoshi] 
  • 2003-04 : Dana Dahlstrom [dana], Chris Roedel [croedel], Cynthia Bailey Lee [clbailey], Girija Vijayaraghavan [gvijayar], Erik Vandekieft [evk]
  • 2002-03 : Tony Lee, Elena Silenok, Poorna Udupi
  • 2001-02 : Ankur Jain, Flavio Junqueira, Poorna Udupi, Dimitrii Zagorodnov
  • 2000-01 : Joe Drish, Poorna Udupi

Jacobs Graduate Student Council Representatives

The Jacobs Graduate Student Council (JGSC) is an organization of graduate students in the Jacobs School of Engineering. Their role is to help foster a sense of community with Jacobs school grad students, faculty, staff, and alumni. To this end, they organize and sponsor events throughout the year including:

  • Beginning of the year BBQ
  • Jacobs School Coffee Hours (in the Bear Courtyard)
  • Jacobs School Research Expo Reception
  • "An Evening with Jacobs" research seminars
  • Many others

There is no cap on the number of representatives the CSE department can have but there should be at least 2. Responsibilities of JGSC representatives are to attend JGSC meetings (bi-weekly) and promote JGSC events within the CSE department. For more info about the JGSC, visit the JGSC website.

  • Current (2011-12) : 2 UNFILLED
  • 2010-11 : 1 UNFILLED, Sat Garcia [sat]
  • 2009-10 : Sat Garcia [sat], Vikram Subramanya [v1subramanya]
  • 2008-09 : Sat Garcia [sat]

Inactive/Discontinued Jobs

Faculty Recruitment Representative

The Faculty Recruitment Representative organizes meetings between graduate students and prospective faculty. The job does not require too much time. It typically goes something like this:

    • A week or so before a candidate is coming to visit, you will be asked to sign up for a time slot for a meeting. Meetings are either 30 or 45 minutes.
    • You go listen to the candidates talk.
    • Shortly before the meeting, you send out mail to csgrads letting them know that there is a meeting and that they should come.
    • During the meeting, you help answer the candidates questions, and guide the discussion.
    • After the meeting, you gather feedback from the students. Would you want the candidate as an advisor? Did he explain things well? Would he be a good match for our department?
    • You forward the feedback to the Faculty Recruitment Chair, (after anonymizing it), and he distributes this information to the whole faculty. They use this data when making hiring decisions.

There are several benefits to this job:

    • You help future grad students by helping to screen future faculty. If a candidate would make a poor advisor, you can share this with the recruitment Committee, and save future grad students from suffering.
    • You learn about a lot about interviewing. By observing the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, you will be able to present yourself better when you have to look for a job.
  • Current (2011-12) : POSITION INACTIVE
  • 2010-11 : UNFILLED
  • 2009-10 : POSITION CLOSED
  • 2008-09 : Tom Ristenpart [tristenp], 1 UNFILLED
  • 2007-08 : Barath Raghavan [barath], Justin Ma [jtma] 
  • 2006-07 : Barath Raghavan [barath], Justin Ma [jtma], Hakon Verespej [hverespe] 
  • 2005-06 : Jenny Wang [guilian], Christopher Fleizach [cfleizac], Daniel Hsu [djhsu], Chip Killian [ckillian] 
  • 2004-05 : Chris Tuttle [ctuttle]
  • 2003-04 : Barath Raghavan [barath]
  • 2002-03 : Xianan Zhang
  • 2001-02 : Dmitrii Zagorodnov
  • 2000-01 : Eric Tune

The following positions used to exist but are no longer necessary or have been relegated outside of CSEGSA.

  • Beach Party Czar
  • Chez Bob Computer Guru
  • Graduate Enrichment Coordinator
  • Graduate Student Orientation Coordinator
  • Grad Lounge Recycling Coordinator
  • Grad Lounge Cleanup
  • Group Representatives

Espresso Czar

This individual will be responsible for the maintenance of the espresso machine that resides in the grad student lounge. The espresso czar will attend a training session on the proper use of the machine and be responsible for assisting in the development of a clean-up plan, train students who wish to use the espresso machine, and help to make sure that the necessary espresso-making supplies are kept in stock.

  • 2008-09 : No longer part of CSE-GSA
  • 2007-08 : Patrick Verkaik [pverkaik]
  • 2006-07 : Patrick Verkaik [pverkaik], Sean Peisert [speisert], Sanmay Das
  • 2005-06 : Neil Alldrin [nalldrin]
  • 2004-05 : Neil Alldrin [nalldrin]
  • 2003-04 : Neil Jones [ncjones]

Graduate Admissions Representative

This position is currently being redefined
Currently, when the department is reviewing graduate program admission applications, they seek only minimal input from graduate students. Previously grad students had more input into the process but we slowly lost this position. However, there is support among some faculty for once again involving grad students in the grad admissions process. In 2007-08, two international students were asked for their input. We would like to continue the trend of having more responsibilities in this important process--other top CS departments have significant input from their grad students.

The main role for the position this year is to keep in contact with the chair of the Grad Admissions Committee and work towards increasing our role in student admissions. It is an excellent opportunity to increase the status of grad students in the department.

  • 2008-09 : Aram Shahinfard [ashahinf]
  • 2007-08 : Chris Kanich 
  • 2006-07 : Position discontinued 
  • 2005-06 : Position discontinued 
  • 2004-05 : Position discontinued 
  • 2003-04 : Satish Narayanasamy [skumar]
  • 2002-03 : Rahul Lahoti, Wenjing Rao
  • 2001-02 : Sashka Davis
  • 2000-01 : Florin Baboescu